Software Release 13/07/2021

Room Manager has deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Room Manager Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Reservations Calendar Runtime Error [#16561]

Resolved an edge case issue that could cause a runtime error when accessing the Reservations Calendar, resulting in a timeout and inability to access the calendar.

Alert Text Amendments on Upload Images Page [#16598]

Amended the info alert text displayed on the screen that used to manage standard property images, so that it no longer references tours. The info text will now also redirect you to the correct page for managing images for your products.

Displaying Unallocated Payments [#16488]

Resolved an issue where the "Unallocated Payments" that display under the Payments tab would display the payment's full value, instead of only the unallocated payment portion value.

Itinerary Total when Extras Added [#16328]

Squashed a bug that prevented the Itinerary Total from being updated when viewing a reservation, if extras were adding to an itinerary.