Software Release 12/05/2021

Room Manager successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Room Manager Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Console Theme Enhancements [#16218]

Adjustments have been made to the Room Manager Console theme header.

  • The “Room Manager” logo has been removed from your console’s top header, replaced with your business name.
  • The logged in user’s name will now appear in the top right corner of the console header.

Room Manager Console for Pump Hill Farm Cottages

BPOINT - New Payment Gateway Provider [#16297]

CommBank’s merchant service BPOINT has been integrated as a new gateway provider option for credit card payment transactions.


Unallocated Payments [#16307]

Overpayments made on bookings will now display on the Payments tab under a new “Unallocated Payments” table.

Tax Invoice “Balance Due” Value [#16041]

Resolved an issue that could display the incorrect balance due for an itinerary when the “Tax Invoice / Balance Due (All Bookings On Itinerary)” correspondence option was used.

Agent Voucher and Commissions payments [#16225]

Resolved an issue that prevented the expected Agent Voucher and Commissions payments from being recorded for OTA and Credit Agent bookings.

HomeAway OTA Bookings [#16234]

Bookings received via the HomeAway distribution channel will no longer incorrectly display that payment has been processed.

Reservations Calendar Quick Search [#16331]

Enhancements have been made to the Reservations Calendar quick search, where the speed of which results are returned has been further optimised.

Interrogate Availability Functionality [#16066]

Resolved a bug with the “Interrogate Availability” room setting in order to ensure that online bookings can only be made if consecutive nights are able to be allocated to a room product’s unit.

International Dateline Calendar Functionality [#15998]

Enhanced the reservation calendar functionality in order to align with international datelines, so that the correct day’s are made available to view.

OTA Bookings When No Payment Gateway Configured [#16315]

Resolved a bug that could prevent OTA bookings from being processed and recorded correctly in the event no payment gateway is configured.