Software Release 15/12/2020

Room Manager successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Room Manager Support team who will be more than happy to help. 

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

New Custom SMS Guest Messaging [1008]

New custom SMS guest messaging functionality has been introduced to your consoles.

In summary:

  • Custom SMS messages can be sent via your console's Reservation Search screen.

  • Each custom SMS message sent will include an email "backup" sent to the selected guest.

  • In order to send custom SMS messages, the following prerequisites apply:
    • You will need to create your own SMS Global account. This account is where you can obtain your API Keys so that you can set up your console for custom SMS messaging. This is also the account that will be charged for each custom SMS send.

    • Your own SMTP email server is required to be used for the sending of the backup email. As Bookeasy cannot control the contents of your custom message, this step is required in order to safeguard our email servers for the sending of system and booking notification emails.

  • Your console now includes a new top level left menu item called "Messaging". Sub menus include:
    • Send Message
      Messages can be sent via your console's Reservations Search screen. Once you have conducted your reservation search, select one, all or multiple bookings using the new checkboxes that now appear beside each booking. Once selected, a new "Message Selected" button will appear, allowing you to proceed, draft and send your custom SMS message.

    • Message History
      This will display all previously sent messages, and where you can view a list of each message's recipients.

    • Email / SMS Setup
      This is where you can enter and verify your SMTP email server settings and your SMS Global API keys.

Room Deallocations for Edited Bookings by Bookeasy Destination Partners [#15718]

Fixed a bug that could deallocate the room from an existing booking, if the booking source was via a Bookeasy destination partner, and if the booking was edited by the destination partner via their Bookeasy Staff Console.