Software Release 11/08/2020

Room Manager successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Room Manager Support team who will be more than happy to help. 

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Speed Improvements When Opening Reservations [#15131 & #15272]

Enhancements have been made to the processes run when opening reservations, which should result in speed improvements for those who might experience slowness at times when opening reservations.

Phone and Mobile Number Validation Improvements [#15282]

Improvements have been made to the way phone and mobile numbers are captured when bookings are made. Bookings now include validation on the phone and mobile number fields, inclusive of the country and area code.

When entering a phone number you will be presented with a country “flag” select option in order to select the phone number’s country of origin (this is what sets the number's country code).

To help make it easy, the flag selected and displayed at the time of booking will utilise the logged in user’s IP address in order to set the default flag presented at the time of booking (meaning that if the majority of bookings made are for visitors from your same country location, then for the majority of time, you won’t need to change the country code).

Phone numbers remain optional on bookings, but if a phone or mobile number is entered, you will be required to enter in a valid phone number (including area code) in order to save your booking.

This change has been made as many of our destination partners utilise the guest data that’s obtained when bookings are made, not just for marketing purposes, but also for critical/emergency messaging. Up until this point, capturing guest phone numbers provided no validation, resulting in a large number of guest records with “dirty data” if a phone number was incorrectly entered.

Introducing validation for phone numbers at the time of booking drastically improves the quality of data captured, so that guest phone numbers stored are ready for external use. This provides an invaluable service to those of our destination partners who rely on this data to call or send notifications to guests.

Enhancements to the phone number field displayed on your Room Manager Operator Booking Engine (OBE) will also follow suit in a future release (end of August).

Support for Diacritical Marks [#15193]

Room Manager now supports diacritical marks and accents, such as macrons (e.g. "Pōhue"). This applies to operator business names, descriptions, product names, cancellation policies, etc.

Daily Rates Screen Styling Adjustment [#15036]

Styling adjustments have been made to the Daily Rates screen, in order to provide additional space when displaying each day's rate.

Main Dashboard To-Do List [#15083]

Resolved an issue so that bookings received via OTA's and external distribution channels will now appear on your Room Manager console's home screen dashboard To-Do List.