Room Manager will automatically allocate bookings to your reservations calendar if you have one actual room created per room type.

This function removes the step for operators having to allocate bookings to the calendar, as when a customer books that room type, there is only 1 room the booking should be allocated to. This will now happen automatically.

In the below example, the operator has 3 room types:

10 X 1 Bedroom (will not be auto-allocated)
1 X 3 Bedroom
1 X Penthouse

Both the 3 bedroom and penthouse have linked availability, meaning when one room is is booked, the other will be blocked out by the system automatically.

A booking has been made and it has been auto-assigned to the calendar and the room with linked availability has been blocked out by the system.

Even though bookings are auto-assigned they will still show in your new online bookings section of the to do list.

In the below screenshot, a booking has been made for the 1 bedroom room type which contains 10 available rooms. As such the booking has NOT been auto-allocated. This will display in your unallocated list and the booking will need to be assigned to a room.