Rooms & Rates

Setting up a Room Type

1 - Login to your Room Manager console

2 - On the left-hand menu, under Inventory, click on Rooms and Rates

3 - Click Add a New Room

You will then be redirected to the below screen;

1. Enter the name of the room type e.g. Standard Cabin

2. Tick this box so that the room will display on your website and be available to connect to the distribution channels. If you only want to use this room internally then leave this box un-ticked

3. Enter the number of actual rooms you have for this room type e.g. 3 (x Standard Cabin) 

4. Use this option to copy the Room Name/Number entered here to all the Room Names fields

5. Enter the names/numbers of each apartment, this is how you will tell them apart when allocating. Ideally, this name would be the same as on the door of each particular room. The name you enter here is for internal use only and is not seen on any websites

6. Select the option that best describes this room type, for example, 1 bedroom

7. Use this if you want to set a specific deadline to receive bookings before the arrival date

8. Tick the box if online bookings can only be made if consecutive nights are able to be allocated

9. Link Availability - Use the link availability option if you wish this room to automatically take the availability away from another room that is already setup

    - Enter the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated in that room type

10. Maximum number of people that this accommodation holds

11. Maximum number of days that can be booked at a time. Leave blank to allow an unlimited number of days to be booked.

12. Enter a detailed description of the room

13. Enter the bedding configuration. The could be 2 single beds and a fold-out bed. If a particular bedding configuration attracts an additional cost, you can also enter this amount and select if this cost is per night, or per booking. 

14. You can add more than one bedding configuration, so you will need to set the default configuration for each room type

15. Enter the number of guests included in daily rates

    -  There are instances where existing console uses Seasonal Rates. This needs to be changed to Daily Rates to allow you to easily adjust and distribute your rates. 

16. Enter the default rate for this room. You will have the option later to change these depending on the time of the year, so we suggest you enter the most common rate you sell this room for

17. Enter the amount you charge for extra adults. If your room takes a maximum of 3 guests and the rate you set included two guests, then this extra charge will be added to your normal rate if 3 guests book. 

18. Enter the amount you charge for extra children

19-20. If you do not allow infants or children, tick these boxes.

21. Tick this box if you want to include infants in Pax Count

22. The bond will only be charged if booked through a Booking Centre that has enabled bonds

23. Tick this box if this room is only bookable for campaigns

24. Choose which campaign can book this room

25. Tick this box if this room is only bookable via Booking Centre Packages

26. Once you click “Save” you will be redirected back to the list of rooms and rates

Now that you have created the room, you will need to edit the daily rates. To do this click on the Edit Daily Rateslink.