Room Manager - Availability

Normally you will not need to adjust the availability in Room Manager. The availability will automatically be adjusted as each new online booking is made, or when you enter a reservation.


There may, however, be times that you need to change the availability or close out a room manually. An example would be if the room is out of service due to maintenance. To manually change the availability, follow the steps below. 

1. From the home menu, click "Reservation Calendar".

2. Alternatively, you can click on "My Availability" under "Inventory" on the left-hand menu on the main page.

Adjusting the Availability

1. Once the Availability page, put the dates you wish to change the availability on the Date field

2. Or, you can click the date you wish to change the availability and it will be highlighted

3. Put the number of availability you wish to offer on the Value field

4. Click Save