Room Manager Price Increase MatrixRoom Manager ex. GST
Room Manager Change ex. GST**
Room Manager Change ex. GST
Increase amount (%)Current+12%
$ Difference
1-3 Rooms*$69.00
4-10 Rooms*$99.00
11-20 Rooms*$149.00
21+ Rooms*$179.00


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^ Quoted prices stated for both percentage and fixed are exclusive of GST.  These fees are charged monthly and are in Australian Dollars (AUD) Note: We can generate invoices in your preferred currency.

* Based on total availability per property
** New pricing has been rounded either up or down.

*** The fee adjustment applies to all current Room Manager fixed and previous percentage models (including min fee pricing)

Note: These prices will go into effect from 1 October 2018 for the billable month of October. Your first invoice under the new pricing will be sent in November, billing for the month of October 2018.