Step by Step Availability check

1. Login to your Room Manager/BE Rooms Console

2. Hover over Setup --> Rooms and Rates

3. Click on room name

4a. If this room is a linked room - there will be a list of the rooms linked to this one. Check to see if the checkbox that says "If availability is manually adjusted, all linked rooms are adjusted accordingly" Please ensure this is UNTICKED. If ticked, untick the box.

4b. If this is an UNLINKED room - no change is made - move on to the next room which is linked

5. Continue for ALL linked rooms - ensuring that step 4a is completed

6.Using top banner menu select My Availability

7. Choose date from datepicker that you want to look at - Ensure you are only working on one month at a time.

8. Choose the room/s from the Room drop down.

9. Click on the individual room labels to expand the listing.

10. Compare the Blue Available line with the orange Close Out and the green Bookings lines and ensure your availability is correct.

 11. Should you need to correct a date - Select the date and ensure the Action is Set Availability to.

 12. Go to Value and select the value field to set the correct availability.

13. From the side menu choose Inventory --> My Rooms and Rates.  Click on the Room Name --> Relink the rooms if necessary.  Tick the "If availability is manually adjusted, all linked rooms are adjusted accordingly". Ensure you have TICKED this checkbox --> Click Save.

14. Repeat for ALL LINKED rooms.

15. Click Save.

16. Double check the close out has been removed.

Should you require further assistance, please contact: - Subject: Availability Issue Assistance Required