Please be advised that you can connect Resonline to Trip Advisor via TripConnect.

Trip Advisor - Resonline connection is different to any other ROL - OTA connection. Tripadvisor/Trip Connect will not require mapping as any other channel in the Resonline Distribution.
All setup is done at the TripConnect account. During the TripConnect setup you will be asked to select a channel manager that you use - please indicate that it is Resonline.
There is no activation required from Resonline site, Trip Advisor will use information available for Your Website (your booking form), therefore the connection will be established automatically providing that:
1) Your Website channel is Active in Resonline distribution section (even if you do not have a booking button link or gadget implemented on your website). Activating Your Website will activate the booking button link that Trip Advisor will use.
2) All fields in Resonline - Property Details are completed. Trip Advisor will not display property that has no description, has incomplete address etc. To make sure that all information from Resonline is correctly communicated to Trip Connect, please double check if all fields in Property Details section of Resonline are filled.
Here are some useful resources:

For further steps on how to unable to finalise your setup of tripadvisor account once registered, you will need to follow the below steps and set campaign budget or bidding limit you would like to set.

If you follow the steps you should be able to activate your account:
1. When you select your booking engine as <Resonline >
The issue you are experiencing with your rates is a currency conversion issue. Tripadvisor use to be only available in USD currency but are now available in AUD. You change change your currently in the top right had corner of the trip advisor/ trip connect setup screen once you are logged in.
2. Your account is set in <CURRENCY> , so when your rates appear in Trip advisor they are appearing in AUD.
3. You will just need to select your languages and verify
4. setup set up your campaign budget
5. Final step: confirm payment information
Please complete these step and your Trip advisor setup will be complete.